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Why are neon lights in NZ so popular?

Why are neon lights in NZ so popular?

Neon has evolved from fluorescent signage and a marketing medium into an art form and a trendy lighting option for homeowners. While it was mostly associated with creating a maximum impact and a burst of bold colour, you can now snap up toned-down, sophisticated neons that can be used as soft accents and nightlights.

Neon lights in NZ have made their way into home decor, room lighting and party gear. Neon accents instantly give any interior a fresh, cheerful and contemporary feel. But there’s more to why they are insanely popular in New Zealand.

Uncorked delight for all occasions

Neon lights in NZ are a feast for the eyes, whatever they gaze at. Neons can take up many lighting roles for:

  • Serving as your daily dose of a beautiful mood boost
  • Framing photos or accentuating artwork
  • Enhancing the look of your home without a makeover
  • Introducing vibrant accents into neutral and white interiors
  • Decorating a wall as a focal point
  • Customising any space or event
  • Adding light and colour to a window, entrance or holiday centrepiece
  • Creating a romantic environment
  • Transforming the look of a room with lights that change colours

It’s fun to experiment by trimming furniture or other regular items in a neon glow by creating stunning festive displays or using neon as a framing material. It has a nearly magical potential of making things go from drab to fab.

Neon lights in NZ aren’t just attention-grabbers

Neon can change the vibe of a space, add that wow factor, energise and put you into a party mood. At the same time, neon lights in NZ can be welcoming and cosy with a diffused effect or subtle change of colour, which is easy on the eye and doesn’t clash with other decor. They look fantastic against any surface or texture and blend right in, being the most flexible element of the interior lighting trend.

It’s amazing that something originally designed to make a bold statement and be visually compelling could evolve into a soothing and dreamlike light solution. Specifically, LED neon lights in NZ can create that rainbow of luminous yet soft colours that will delight any child. Besides, moon lights and projector lights can convey different moods and give your room an atmospheric, fantasy feel for visual comfort and a smooth transition to sleep.

Different ways of using neon lights in NZ

Suitable for indoor and outdoor decor, neon is popular for its eye-catching, dynamic effects and party vibe. Neon lights in NZ can bring fun play into the mix and add personality to any space, even if it is something as basic as a number, date or name highlighted in neon. Quotes, custom designs, classic household items and furniture pieces reimagined in neon – this trend can be daring and edgy to command contrast, attention and activity. 

Neon is perfect for creating ambient surroundings with low levels of illumination and inspiring doses of colour and rainbow effects. Which one do you like the most?

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