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How to hang bedroom lights for Zen vibes

How to hang bedroom lights for Zen vibes

There’s no room for stress in the bedroom. You return to your lovely ‘bed keeper’ whenever you are tired or low-energy because this is your tiny world of relaxation and peace. And for it to help you recover after a busy day, it is vital to pick the right bedroom lights.

But first, let’s figure out the most common lighting types.

Soft ceiling lighting with an accentuated lampshade is the most popular option among bedroom lights

Types of bedroom lights to consider

The wise thing is coming: you can combine general and accent lighting. The most beautiful combinations are created with:

  • Ceiling lights to visually soften a room and complement already present furniture. If it isn’t available, choose wall lamps for more open space.
  • Lampshades to emit a soft, warm glow while enhancing the look of your bedroom. You can opt for monochrome or coloured shades, depending on the style of your personal sanctuary.
  • Pendant lights for ambient illumination throughout the space. These bedroom lights can hang from the ceiling or be positioned horizontally on the wall.
  • String lights to brighten it up. They create a cosy atmosphere while providing adequate illumination to read or watch television.

When picking lamps and fixtures, you have some decisions to make. Do you want a modern style or a more traditional look? Are you enthusiastic about that farmhouse vibe or something artsier?

It’s also pivotal to think about how bright (or dim) your lighting should be and the colour temperature that best suits the vibes. Generally speaking, warmer colour temperatures are more suitable for bedrooms since they recreate natural daylight, but it’s up to your preference.

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Catchy ways to place your bedroom lights for a relaxing ambience

If an overhead fixture in the middle of your room with a wall sconce near your bed is trivial, try these fun ways to illuminate your sleeping area. After all, making your lights look like art adds a unique twist to your room.

Arched pattern

Unveil unusual thinking with your bedroom lights by stringing them from wall to wall across the ceiling, then bringing them down in the centre to create an arch or semi-circle formation. It’s a great way to enhance the decor and light up the entire room.

Colour coordinating

Hang bedroom lights from the ceiling in a line or diagonally – in alternating colours. This works exceptionally well if multiple fixtures come in assorted colours.

Strings above the bed

Bright, colourful strings above your bed look dreamy and give off a vibe that fills your space with positive energy. This kind of whimsical bedroom light is perfect when you need some extra mood boost.

Reflective shine

If you have mirrors throughout your room, why not place bedroom lights strategically around them? Dazzling reflections will make the room brighter and more inviting.

Finally, we can’t help but mention candles to create a soothing and dimly lit setting. If you don’t want to use real candles, battery-operated ones work just as well and are much safer.

May your bedroom always wrap you with Zen tranquillity and fill you with energy for a new day.

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