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How IP Rating Works for Indoor and Outdoor Fairy Lights

How IP Rating Works for Indoor and Outdoor Fairy Lights

When it comes to choosing fairy lights for your indoor or outdoor spaces, it’s important to consider their water resistance capabilities. The water rating is denoted by the IP (Ingress Protection) code, followed by two numbers. In the case of fairy lights, you might come across ratings such as IP44 or IP65. Let’s understand what these ratings mean:

Here’s how the IP rating system works for fairy lights:

Considerations for Choosing the Water Rating:

  1. Indoor Use: If you plan to use fairy lights strictly indoors, an IP44 rating is generally sufficient. These lights are protected against dust and occasional splashes, making them suitable for indoor decor and settings where they won’t be exposed to significant moisture.
  2. Covered Outdoor Areas: If you intend to use fairy lights in covered outdoor areas, such as a patio or pergola, both IP44 and IP65 ratings can work. However, if you expect occasional rain or water splashes, opting for IP65-rated lights will provide better protection against moisture.
  3. Uncovered Outdoor Areas: For fairy lights in uncovered outdoor areas, such as gardens or open decks, it’s recommended to choose lights with an IP65 rating. These lights offer better water resistance, ensuring they can withstand light rain showers or accidental splashes.

By understanding the water resistance ratings, you can confidently select indoor or outdoor fairy lights that suit your needs and provide the desired level of protection against dust and water exposure.

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