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Decorating your house with Christmas fairy lights

Decorating your house with Christmas fairy lights

In sunny New Zealand, Christmas is anything where everyone hits the beach, and Santa wears flip-flops during the holiday season, which is associated in most countries with a winter wonderland and family gatherings by the fireplace. There are stockings, presents and Christmas fairy lights, but it’s definitely not hot chocolate weather.

Still, wherever Christmas may find you – admiring the snow or digging your feet in the sand – outdoor decorating is the best way to add some holiday exuberance to the place where you are staying.

Planning to have guests over or to party late into the night? Create a special Xmas cheer by making your outdoor area and front entrance sparkle and shine. An enchanting background for lovely holiday photos and memories is just a matter of setting up some Christmas fairy lights or elsewhere.

Lighting a house for a Xmas vibe is easy with the right Christmas fairy lights

Perimeter lighting and wrapping

To give your house a traditional festive look, you can use string lights to outline:

  • Front door or porch
  • Driveway
  • Roof and eaves
  • Tree trunks or shrubs
  • Hedges or fences
  • Potted plants

The simplest and cheapest touch to outdoor decoration for Christmas fairy lights that come in the form of string or wire are the most multi-functional options. Whether you have long-cherished decorating ideas in mind or prefer improvising on the spot, these are great for trailing along the perimeter of different constructions or through trees. String lights can be tied together, woven into festive garlands, wreaths and star-like decorations or used to create outdoor light displays.

You can even go all out and cover the entire house with icicle lights, but more isn’t always better if you aim to impress with Christmas fairy lights. If you wish to get more creative, consider illumination solutions with extra features and effects such as colour-changing, pulsating or flashing sequences. When your idea of the best Xmas celebration is a barbecue or dance party, these will create the right vibe.

Solar Christmas fairy lights are another decoration idea

Solar-powered outdoor lighting would be a questionable option for places where the holiday season brings frost and snow. But New Zealand gets plenty of sunlight per day at that special time of the year. So, opting for solar Christmas fairy lights means you can have the greenest and most budget-friendly Xmas ever. No self-contradiction here.

Another reason to choose this type of mood enhancer is the flexibility of use. You don’t have to plan around exterior plug outlets and your household circuit wattage capacity. Arranging solar Xmas lights becomes only a matter of your creativity – these can be dotted throughout the entire garden or property, woven into your landscaping, used in custom displays and adjusted or repositioned easily.

You don’t even have to bother calculating the total power needs of your Christmas light setups or worry about the electricity bills. But beware: you may never want to take these lovely decorations down!

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