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5 Reasons to use solar garden fairy lights

5 Reasons to use solar garden fairy lights

While your garden is naturally powered by the sun during the day, you can tap into solar power to convert it to energy for night time illumination. It’s the most frugal and hassle-free way to make your property a safe and warm place as darkness sets in.

Today, solar garden fairy lights come in a range of styles, sizes and arrangements for functional and decorative lighting. Interconnected and thoughtfully hung, they make up plenty of reasons to install them for your property.

The top five

  1. Many types of beauty. Solar garden fairy lights can be mounted to posts or walls, staked into the ground, strung across the area or wrapped around garden plants and constructions. They are perfect for accentuating individual features and shifting the focus to different garden areas with changing seasons or your guest entertainment plans.
  2. Ease of use. Unlike stationary fixtures, solar lights can be moved to a new location and installed in hard-to-reach areas or remote corners of your garden. So, you don’t have to plan your outdoor lighting around power outlets, run cabling underground or have your guests tripping over extension cords. Phew!
  3. Renewable energy. Solar garden fairy lights are friendly to the environment and your budget. If you are in two minds about setting up a landscape lighting system on your property, solar-powered solutions won’t ramp up your electricity bills. Who doesn’t want to finally slash them?
  4. Lighting modes. Most Solar garden fairy lights will keep you wowed with the dusk-to-dawn operation and automatic or remote control brightness settings, such as dimming, glowing, pulsating or colour-changing modes. Your imagination can be a great partner for illumination ideas here.
  5. Reliability and durability. Quality solar garden lights are weatherproof and stay lit for 6-8 hours or from dusk until dawn. They also feature several charging options for rainy or cloudy days, so there will always be light!

Homeowners and gardening enthusiasts choose to invest in solar garden lights to beautify their places and keep bills low

It’s a kind of magic

Solar garden fairy lights are convenient, customisable and energy-efficient solutions for outdoor events and landscaping projects. They come in classic, trendy and creative designs with features adjustable to different practical or aesthetic needs.

Unlike mains-powered, solar lights don’t require an outdoor cable setup underground or overhead. Yet, they add a unique ambience and character to your deck, patio, pool or garden as the daylight fades. This near-magical appeal is attributed to the softness of the light that’s never harsh to look at during night time.

Whether you need more dramatic and structured lighting effects or prefer a dappled, mellow glow, solar garden lights with adjustable angles and brightness are the best options. Festoon and string lights with a flexible cable or malleable wire will drape, loop, zigzag, bundle and keep any shape you create. Trail these up a tree or pergola, along your pathways, fencing and flowerbeds or over outdoor seating and handrails. There are as many arrangement ideas as you can dare to come up with for your Solar garden fairy lights.

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